How Would We Work With You?

Step 1: Understand your consumer
Gain deep understanding of consumer targets/prime prospects;
What does your consumer look like?
What are the key influences?

Step 2: Understand your objectives
Gain a deep understanding of your business objectives;
What are the key measurables?
What other resources are in place to meet objectives?

Step 3: Identify lead sports marketing areas
Identify sports or interest areas that best fit with your business;
What sports connect with your consumers?
What programs or associations are most likely to help you achieve business objectives?

Step 4: Make recommendations on top programs
Build out program idea in detail, identifying how it will be brought to life across multiple touchpoints;
What will link your brand to the sport and give the Brand relevance within the sport?
How will the consumer interact with the program? (media, online, PR, event marketing, etc.)
What will this program produce? (strengthen brand equity, increase awareness, grow trial, etc.)

Step 5: Align on a program idea, and start bringing it to life

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